Iván Cortes

Mexico City - Mexico


Ivan Cortes Lucero was born in Mexico City into a middle-class neighborhood. He is a Mexican actor of film, theater and television. At the age of 17 years beginning his studies at the University Center of Theater, UNAM, one of the acting schools most prestigious in Latin America, and then make his debut in the play El Mágico Prodigioso (The Magical Marvellous) written by Calderon. He has worked on various theater companies in México including the National Theatre Company. In his debut film has been highlighted by international critics for her work in Backyard by Carlos Carrera, work for which he was nominated for an Ariel Award in 2010, among other honors. He has studied with Eugenio Barba, Jose Sanchis Sinisterra, Fernando Piernas and some of the best directors from his country.