Nicholas Cooper

Queensland, Australia


Nicholas G. Cooper was born in Queensland, Australia. As the son from a long line of bricklayers, Nicholas played rugby football in Sydney for a while. During his time with the National Rugby League (NRL), his first minor piece of work in acting was for a romance promotional. Although the agency kept his name on their books, it ultimately did not yield any future results. Afterwards, he moved to Brisbane where he revealed to a friend's girlfriend his desire to pursue acting. The girlfriend who was a model, introduced him to her agency where he was recommended to audition for several acting schools. After completing his training in Brisbane, he worked in Sydney for two years, only auditioning 3 times for work in commercials. He set up a production company back in Queensland doing street theatre to support himself as well as to create original work. Later on, Nicholas's production company was approached with the project of making a new Star Trek exhibit in Valencia, Spain. The project showed the process that went behind bringing the Star Trek series to life, and he described this as his first solid breakthrough and a great experience. Its first exhibit showing later called for Nicholas and his company to bring it to Film Park in Babelsberg Germany. Nicholas's screen-work first started in 2005 and has balanced out across a range of film shorts, feature-length films and television appearances. His more notable feature film appearances include the television horror/thriller feature Malibu Shark Attack (2009) (TV) in which he played a survivor of a catastrophic tsunami that floods the entire Malibu beach area, infesting it with prehistoric goblin sharks. The year after, Nicholas played a minor nobleman Duke Henry in the fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast (2010). He also made episodic appearances on the 2011 Sci-Fi adventure series Terra Nova (TV). Nicholas still keeps busy with family and his production company.