Khaled Zaki



Khaled Abbas Zaky is an Egyptian actor who was born in Cairo in 1950. He graduated from the High Institute of Dramatic Arts and then worked in cinema and theatre, however he is best known for his work in various roles on television series such as: “Al-dawaa’er Al-Moghlaka (The closed circles), “Zaman al-Akweyaa (The Time of the Powerful), “Al-Shahd wal-Domou’ (Honey and tears), “Al-Dabaab” (The Fog), “Hubb bela Defaaf (A Love with No Banks), and “Ennahom Yadfa’oun Al-Thaman” (They are Paying the Price). With regard to cinema, Zaky has appeared in several films including: “Tabakh Al-Rais” (The President Chef; 2008), “Fatah ‘Aynek” (Open Your Eyes; 2005), “El Shaytan El Awda” (Devils: The Return; 2008), “El Safara fii El Amara” (The Embassy in the Building; 2005).