Arwa Gouda

Saudi Arabia


Arwa Gouda is an Egyptian Actress, who speaks fluent English, French and Arabic. She started her career as a Model at the age of 13 and won the "Best Model of the World" 2004/2005 title in Turkey which finally launched her acting career. Soon after, the Nefertiti looking Arwa Gouda became a popular actress known for her vast range of characters, her gravity and most of all her genuine performance and was finally able to break out of being typecast as a beautiful young damsel when she played the role of a heroine addict in director Amr Salama's first big screen movie "Zay El Naharda" (On a Day Like Today), which then landed her in getting harder and more challenging roles such as "Safeya" in director Sherif Arafa's movie "El Gezira 2" (The Island 2).