Samar Sami

Homs, Syria


She was born in Homs, her father died when she was young, and her mother raised her with her aunts, she entered the artistic field a young age, began her artistic career as a singer in Aleppo in 1974, then decided to join the Artists Syndicate in Damascus in 1978, and while she was in the Syndicate building, the director Firdous Atassi saw her, and she wrapped it She was very young, and at that time he was looking for a teenage girl for a major role in his series "Midnight Dreams", and he asked her: Are you acting? She replied, "I do not know acting, but I would like to experiment." He said: "So let's try, and Samar barely finished filming until he heard about Haitham Hakki, and he gave her the heroism of his work" Al-Waseet "in the same year. In the Land »Then she continued to work in many television, theater, radio and cinematic works between Jordan, Syria and Egypt, she performed many roles and won many awards, her success appeared during the movie Al-Compars affiliated with the Artists Syndicate on July 23, 1994. Its position on the Syrian revolution In 2012 she declared the strike in solidarity with those who repeatedly called for a strike in the country and received in her home many Syrian families who had been displaced from the cities, especially Homs. Her family life She is not married and has no children awards (1994): Prize for Best Actress from the “Arab Biennial Biennale” organized by the “Arab World Institute in Paris” for her role in the movie “The Compars” by Nabil El Maleh (2004): She won the "Adonia" award for best actress for her role in the series "Big Dreams" by Hatem Ali