Siamak Ansari

Tehran, Iran


Ansari, Siamak (born 1968, Tehran) Siamak Ansari has a degree in Theater and Television from Islamic Azad University. In 1995, when he was working in advertisement industry, one of his friends invited him to act in Rasoul Mollaqolipour's 'A Trip to Chazabeh'. Ansari is mostly known for his roles in Mehran Modiri's comedy series such as 'Tiptoe' (2002), 'Dotted Line' (2003-2004), 'The Grand Prize' (2005), 'Barareh Nights' (2005), 'Mozaffar’s Garden' (2006), 'The Man of a Thousand Faces' (2007), 'The Man of Two Thousand Faces' (2008), 'Bitter Coffee' (2009), 'My Villa' (2012), 'I'm Just Kidding' (2013), and 'In Hashieh' (2014-2015).