Kosai Khauli


Qusay’s father was the journalist A’meed Al Khouly. He graduated from the Higher Theater Institute in 1999. Prior to that Qusay had spent two years studying law. Natural talent drew Qusay to acting and despite his family’s strong objections Qusay insisted on enrolling at the Higher Theater Institute. The resultant dispute with his family led to his leaving his home for two months. Although Qusay is a gifted actor he is nonetheless modest. Among the theatrical performances he has participated in are “Kusoor”, “Madinat Al Kharab” (“The City of Ruins”), “Al Diblomassiyoun” (“The Diplomats”) and “Al Rahan Caligula”. He has also participated in the cinematic productions “Roaa Halimma” (“Dreamy Visions”) and “Al Ou’shaq” (“The Lovers”). Qusay graduated from the Higher Theater Institute in the company of distinguished actors such as Bassil Al Khayyat, Sulaffa Me’mar, Raghda Shu’ayrany. Whilst at the institute, Qusay studied under Ghassan. In 2006 Qusay won the award for Best Arab Actor for his role in “Ghuzzlan fee Ghabbat Al Ziaab” (“Deer in the Wolves’ Forest).