Erma Fatima



Tahajjud Cinta tells about the sacrifice of two women, Citra Maisara and Seri in the fight for truth, rights, and reputation of women. Derived from two different backgrounds, Citra is the daughter of the leader of a big company. For 5 years studying abroad, her parents never knew that their daughter whom they sent to London to pursue Civil, had secretly migrated to Jordan to explore the field of Shari'a law. There Citra reunited with her close friends Seri, who shared the same ambitions. Their lives began being a swamp with many trials and great pressure after returning to their families in Malaysia. Back at Malaysia, Citra parents are very surprised with her abrupt changes. So frustrated with her actions, her parents will not allow her to pursue her dream as a Syariah lawyer. But everything changes when her sister, Emelda suffers domestic violence from her husband. Seeing the misery of Emelda and defending her husband, Citra parents finally support the struggle. In the fate of Seri, where she had to forgo her ambitions as a Syariah lawyer. As the request of her father, Seri was forced to marry Ustaz Shauki that has been financing Seri overseas studies. Unfortunately, Seri victims of flogging by Ustaz Shauki that already had three wives. Seri is forced to forget her love for Sollahudin, son of Ustaz Shauki. This situation also hurt Ustaz Shauki's wives feelings whom very jealous of Seri. Although tormented, for family firm and pleased to continue to live, Seri throw her ambition to succeed as a Syariah lawyer. However, the situation starts to change when the emergence of Armani.

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Tahajjud Cinta