Nashwa Mustafa

Cairo, Egypt


Nashwa graduated from the Institute for Theatrical Arts. She has worked on the television series “Khalty Saffiyah wa al-Deer” (“My Aunt Saffiyah and the Monastery”), “al-Ameer al-Maghoul” (“The Mysterious Prince”), “Nahnnu la Nazra’ fee al-Shawk” (“We Do not Sow Thorns”), “Raddya Raddya wa Arda mosh Raddy” (“Satisfied”) and “Zaman ‘Emad al-Deen” (“The Age of ‘Emad al-Deen”). Moreover she has also taken part in the theatrical productions “Iz’areena”, “Lan Tasqut al-Quds” (“Jerusalem Will not Fall”) and “al-Nass al-ly fee al-Talit”. Nashwa made an outstanding comedy actress when representing the character of the spinster looking for a husband. Thus she has portrayed such roles in “Film Thaqqafy” (“Educational Film”) and “al-Raggul al-Abbyad al-Muttawasit” (“The Average White Male”). However it should be noted that she has sometimes exaggerated her performances of such roles.