Jenn Proske

Toronto, Canada


After acting in several shows while in high school and college, Proske was hired for her first professional role in Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling, in 2008. She portrayed Shelby. In 2009, she portrayed Titania and Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night's Dream at Mysterium Theater of Santa Ana and had the role of Mariah in an Off-Broadway production of Pope Joan. She was hired for her first movie role in 2010, as Becca Crane — a parody of Bella Swan from the Twilight saga — in Vampires Suck. She had originally been called for the role of Iris, the parody of Alice Cullen. Vampires Suck received almost universally negative reviews, but Proske's performance was praised by several critics. In 2011 she joined the short film The Infamous Exploits of Jack West and the pilot of the TV series Home Game, which was never broadcast. In November, she was Serena, the raped daughter of a senator, in the eight and ninth episodes of the eight season of CSI: NY.[21][22] In 2012, she was hired for the roles of Beth in the TV series House of Lies, of Dina Van Cleve in the TV movie Sexting in Suburbia, directed by John Stimpson, and of Meghan Weller, a stage actress, in the episode Theatre Tricks of the thirteenth season of Law & Order: SVU. She also portrayed Amanda Martino in the second episode of Major Crimes. In August, she filmed the fourth episode of The CW series Beauty & the Beast. In 2013, Proske portrayed Abby, an East Coast girl who falls in love with FBI Special Agent Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit), in the TV series Graceland.