Roni Nicole

Houston, Texas, U.S.


Nicole is a Houston, Texas native, now residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. At an early age Roni Nicole showed a passion for the entertainment industry and by the age of 8, she was regularly performing vocally at church functions as well as in numerous pageants, dance recitals, and competitions. This was also her first time witnessing the inaugural episode of Monday Night RAW, igniting her passion for wrestling. After graduating high school, Roni Nicole pursued higher education at two different collegiate institutions as well as becoming a published model, semi-professional cheerleader, dance/color-guard instructor and starring in numerous independent film and theatrical productions such as ' For Colored Girls'. Growing up an avid wrestling fan, Roni Nicole honed and continued to sharpen her skills under the tutelage of "The Enforcer' CW Anderson, current NWA National Champion Lou Marconi, ECW's Chilly Willy. Seeking to change the business for the better Roni Nicole strives to add an intensity and ferocity to her matches not seen in most female talent today.