Natsumi Yamada

Tokyo, Japan


a Japanese female voice actor and singer . Production Ace affiliation. Born in Tokyo . Blood type is O type . Debuted in 2012 as a member of the voice actor unit " Ani ☆ Yume Project ". In 2013, he won as a finalist on the audition program “Future Diary Revolution”. In that connection, she made her voice actor debut in the 2013 TV anime “ Miyagawa's Hunger ”. In 2014, she made her debut as a singer in the theme song “Aoi Crest” of the movie “ Ao Oni ”. In charge of “Temperature” for “Sister Demon King's Contractor BURST” as “ Dual Flare ” with Yuki Yamada . [Four] My sister is Misaki Akimoto, a member of the hilara office 's new face flash-up. Special skill is clarinet , laughter. My hobbies are abdominal muscles , swimming , eating, eating music. The image color is Vivid Pink. My favorite food is shabu-shabu and potatoes . Moe song is listed as a favorite music genre. My favorite voice actor is: “ I was unable to become a brave man, and I decided to get a job. Azusa Tadokoro who co-starred in