Todd Voltz


Todd Voltz was born in Rapid City, SD. His family moved back to New Orleans, La. as soon as his dad finished his tour in Vietnam. At the age of 9 Todd convinced his sister and cousins to make a movie awards show with ridiculous categories and the same 3 films winning everything. Throughout his youth Todd wrote stories and took allegorical photos. He attended N.O.C.C.A. in the visual art track during high school. In his first year of college Todd wins a full scholarship to USL for theater. After a year in the swamp he transfers to Loyola of New Orleans where he gets degrees in both Theater and Writing. While in school he appears in several student films and acts as a liaison between the actors of Loyola and the filmmakers at UNO. He works as a PA then set dresser, then art director on commercials and music videos. All the while he writes, produces, directs and acts in no budget films with friends and enemies. The tax incentive boosts film production in Louisiana and Todd is out there catching some of the first waves. A sweet role in the movie Waiting gives Todd his first close up on the national big screen. He follows this up with comedic parts in Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and College. He snatches up some TV gigs on the Riches, Treme and Memphis Beat. Next up on the radar is the internet. Todd jumps right in by producing the web series Amped! which features rock gods, Supagroup. Next he hooks up with long time collaborator, Billy Louviere to produce and star in The Whiskey Talking. This role brings Todd his first Best Actor award from the Genre Blast Film Festival. After a year living in France Todd returned to New Orleans where he continues to make music, write, produce, and edit film and multimedia projects. He lives on the muddy outskirts of New Orleans with his wife, daughter, and black cat, Bat.