Isabelle Deluce

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Isabelle Deluce is the daughter of a first cameraman and visited film sets at a early age in Vancouver. At age 10, she began acting in a series of television commercials and completed the three term professional program at Tarlington Training. In 2005 she was cast in a TNT movie-of-the-week, The Ron Clark Story starring Matthew Perry and directed by Randa Haines (Children of a Lesser God). After an appearance in the TV series, Psych in 2006 she was cast in the Warner Bros feature, Trick 'r Treat, written and directed by Michael Dougherty who had previously written Byran Singer's X2 and Superman Returns. Isabelle lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and enjoys theatre, improvisation, soccer and attends Kitsilano Secondary in the French Immersion program.