Gamal Soliman

Damascus, Syria


Jamaal Soualymaan is a is a prominent Syrian-born producer, director and actor of television, film, and stage. He was born in 1959 in the Syrian capital of Damascus. Soulaymaan studied at the acting department of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus. He started his career acting on stage and producing television series. He then continued his studies in Britain and obtained a Masters degree in theatrical studies from Leeds University. “Kessat mawt mo’lan i.e. The story of a foretold death”, “’Azeezy Maraat al-meskeen i.e. Dear poor Marat”, “Monamnamaat tareekheyya i.e. Historical miniatures”, “Al-kamaan al-sehry i.e. The magic violin”, “Khaadem sayyedayn i.e. A servant for two masters” and “Al-Motanabby” are among his famous stage plays. Among his most important silver screen appearances are; “’Aaed ila Haifa i.e. Returning to Haifa”, “Al-motabakky i.e. The remaining” and “Al-terhaal i.e. The departure”. In TV, Jamaal participated in a large number of series such as; “Al-thorayya i.e. The Chandelier”, “Al-mahkoum i.e. The convict”, “Shabakat al-‘enkaboot i.e. The spider’s web”, “Al-Doghry”, “Ekhtefaa rajol i.e. A man’s disappearance”, “Khaan al-hareer i.e. The silk market”, “Al-fossoul al-arba’a i.e. The four seasons”, “Hejrat al-koloub ilal-koloub i.e. The hearts-to-hearts migration”, “Shaam Shareef” and “Al-taghreeba al-Felastineyya i.e. The Palestinian estrangement”. Jamaal Soulaymaan was appointed Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund in 1999.