Allen Theosky Rowe

Taipei, Taiwan


Allen Theosky Rowe was born in Taipei, Taiwan and is of Chinese and Korean descent. He speaks English and fluent Mandarin because he lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for most of his childhood life. He was also known as DJ Theosky in his short stint in the EDM scene. Theosky later switched career paths and pursued his interest in the cinematic world. His career as an actor began in Beijing China when he was cast in the critically acclaimed TV series, "Tou Du" (2001). Where he generated his popularity by playing the lead villain Duck Blood Soup. To this day, he is still recognized in China for his raw portrayal. In addition Theosky appeared in numerous music videos for Jay Chou, Amanda Lee, which he also co-star with in the feature film "Ronin Boys" and other top artists in Asia. Theosky then went on to America to finish up his education. Shortly after his graduation. He would be cast in his first American TV show "Monk" (2012). Other TV credits include: "S.W.A.T" (2018), "The Last Ship" (2016), "Chicago P.D." (2015), "CSI Cyber" (2015), "Hawaii Five-O." (2013), "Gang Related" (2014), and "Days of Our Lives" (2017). Theosky resides in Los Angeles, CA, but also lives in Asia while filming there.