Khaled Youssef



Khaled Youssef is an Egyptian director. His father was a mayor. Khaled studied in the electrical engineering division of the faculty of engineering at Banha University. He graduated in 1990. While a student at university he held the post of Student Union president, he also directed a play titled (Al Moharej). The screenplay for that production was authored by the deceased Syrian writer Mohamed Al Maouz and was performed at the Taliaa theater as part of a university students production. Khaled Youssef had the opportunity to get to know the departed director Youssef Chahine while a student through his film screenings and also through the seminars he held at the university. Khaled Youssef also performed in Chahine’s 1991 documentary film Cairo Shining With Its People. Moreover, Khaled contributed to the screenplays of The Immigrant, Destiny and The Other and also worked as an assistant director on the set of Alexandria New York. Thus, Khaled Youssef had a long history of partnership with Youssif Chahine. In 2001, Khaled Youssef began directing his first cinematic production which was The Storm and starred Yousra, Hanan Tourk and Hani Salama. Later in 2003 he directed the film Marriage by Presidential Decree, this was followed by My Soulmate starring Nelly Kareem and Hany Salama. In 2005, Khaled Youssif presented his fourth film titled Ouija. In the following year he directed Justified Infidelity which starred Hani Salama. In 2007 he presented “Heena Maysara” that starred Sumaya Al Khashab and Amr Saad. Later that same year, in a collaborative effort with his mentor Youssif Chahine, Khaled directed This Is Chaos. In 2008 Khaled directed Al Chief Omar Harb, this was followed in 2009 by Shehata's Shop that starred Hayfa Wehbe and Amr Saad.