Sergei Filippov

Saratov, Saratov uyezd, Saratov Governorate, Russian Empire


Sergey Filippov was born in Saratov in a working class family. Father was a locksmith, and mother a dressmaker. At school, Sergei Filippov did not study well, and in high school he even became known as a bully. In a chemistry lesson in the absence of a teacher, he mixed hydrochloric acid with iron filings, added a couple of reagents. After such an experiment, a terribly pungent smell spread throughout the school. Classes were disrupted, and Filippova expelled from school. After being expelled from school, he got a job as a student of a baker in a private bakery. But this work was of little interest to him, and over the next months he tried several professions, until the case brought him to the ballet studio. Classes so fascinated Sergey that in a few weeks he was considered the best student and a bright future in ballet opened before him. In 1929, on the advice of teachers, Filippov went to Moscow to enter the ballet school at the Bolshoi Theater. Arriving in the capital, he learned that the entrance exams had already ended, and on the advice of knowledgeable people went to Leningrad, to a choreographic school. But he was too late for these exams and submitted documents to the newly opened circus variety college, where he was accepted. Teachers predicted a brilliant future for a gifted student and, after graduating from a technical school, in 1933 Sergei Filippov was accepted into the troupe of the Opera and Ballet Theater. The career of a ballet dancer was too short - during the next performance Filippov became ill. Arriving doctors noted a heart attack and advised to leave the ballet. Filippov entered the pop theater studio. He performed a lot on the venues of Leningrad and during one of the concerts he was noticed by Nikolai Pavlovich Akimov, who suggested that the young actor go to the Comedy Theater. In the years 1935-1965 - actor of the Leningrad Comedy Theater, since 1965 - the film studio "Lenfilm". He gained popularity in the film roles in the films “Tiger Tamer” (1954), “Carnival Night” (1956), “Girl without an Address” (1957), “12 Chairs” (1971), “Ivan Vasilievich Changes His Profession” (1973). Filippov was a master of both large and complex roles and episodes. Filippov in the 1940-1960s was very popular in Leningrad and major cities of the country. In 1965, a brain tumor was discovered in him. In 1971, before filming "12 Chairs", the actor began to have severe headaches from discovered brain cancer, and therefore Gaidai invited Rostislav Plyatt, approving him for the role of Kisa. However, Filippov said that he would be removed in any case. The situation was resolved when rumors of Filippov's insistent desire reached Plyatt, and he himself ceded the role of Kisa Filippov. Despite a small chance of improvement, Sergei Filippov successfully completed treatment after filming and lived another 20 years, playing his last role also with Leonid Gaidai. Sergey Filippov was buried in the Northern Cemetery, next to Antonina Golubeva. The St. Petersburg film actors guild installed a bust on the grave. A few days before his death, the actor told Lyubov Tishchenko about his dream: “You know, all my life I wanted to play a positive tragic role, but I got only nasty types,” sighed Filippov. “I even cried when I found out that the main role in the film“ When the Trees were Big ”went to Yuri Nikulin.”