Kari Wells


Kari Wells is a British actress, TV host, TV personality, and stand-up comedian living in Atlanta, GA. She is married to Dr. Duncan Wells, an orthopedic surgeon. She is most known as a series regular on Bravo's reality show Married to Medicine and on Tyler Perry's The Haves & Have Nots. She also appeared as the principal in films like Grand Prince of Moscow, Road to Lyrics, and Winter Break. Kari speaks three languages and has had many successful careers as a model, owner of a film production company, and has had extensive training in film and television. Kari has been a real estate developer and investor in Atlanta and Aspen for over 20 years, and now she is CEO of her own medical realty company. Kari is also a published author of “The Pink Monkey,” a book she wrote to teach children about tolerance and acceptance.