Jesús Puente

Madrid, Madrid, Spain


Jesus Puente Alzaga (Madrid, December 18, 1930 - October 26, 2000) was a Spanish actor and TV presenter. He developed his acting career in all media, both in film and theater and television. He began to study medicine but left in fourth grade, due to its vocation for interpretation. He then began his theater career with works of Lope de Vega and Calderon. His career on stage has been full of successes. At the same time he made his debut in the world of radio, specifically in Radio Nacional de España. Throughout the 60s working as a voice actor, putting voice on numerous occasions to American actor James Stewart, among others. In 1957 he made his film debut. Present on television almost from the arrival of this medium to Spain, debuted in 1957 in Spanish Television. In 1990 he was hired by the chain Telecinco to present the contest “Su media naranja”.