Choi Mu-ryong

Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


South Korean actor, producer, and director who is father of Choi Min-soo. Choi was one of popular actors of the 1960s along with Shin Young-kyun and Kim Jin-kyu. Choi gained a popularity for his handsome appearance and masculine image. Choi's personal life was as much dramatic as his starred films, so he always garnered the public attention. 1952, Choi married a colleague actress, Kang Hyo-shil, the daughter of a noted actress, Jeon Ok with the nickname, "Queen of Tears" and a singer Gang Hong-sik. Choi and his wife had one son and four daughters including an actor, Choi Min-soo. However, Choi had an affair with Kim Ji-mee, the best popular actress at that time, so that Choi and Gang divorced in 1962. Choi soon married Kim Ji-mee, but he owed massive debts due to his failed film production. As a result, Choi chose to divorce Kim again in 1969. At that time, the phrase, Because I love you, I have to part from her was circulated among the public.