Didier Casnati

Varese, Italy


Didier Casnati was born June 17 1980 in Italy. He published a first self produced album called "the blue rose", under stage name "Liam Dale" at 15 years of age. He then moved to the south of France, where he studied Law in Nice.  To finance his studies he became a busker (street performer) and that led him to modeling and acting  in several adverts, commercials, and movies. In 2004 he went to Peru where he recorded " Mi Mundo" a solo album in 4 languages, with Jean-Pierre Magnet, Pochi Marambio and Lucho Gonzalez, 3 major figures of Peruvian Music. The album was quite successful, and led him to record the Italian/Spanish version of traditional peruvian song "Mal Paso" with Eva Ayllon, winning the IMA award. ( produced by Jaime Cuadra) Since then Didier Casnati has appeared in tv series and adverts, but music remains his primary activity. He is the founder and leader of the band "The Gypsy Queens" ( London Records/ Polydor/ Universal), and the band's album will be produced by Larry Klein. Didier Casnati is known for being a very successful  figure in the private entertainment industry, performing in the most exclusive jet set parties around the world.