Gigi Darlene

Berlin, Germany


Born Heli (pronounced ‘Hee-lee’) Weinreich in Berlin, Germany, Gigi Darlene immigrated to Queens as a teenager to live with family friends. Blonde, beautiful and voluptuous, she quickly found work as a print model but found even more steady work as an exotic dancer and nude model in men's magazines (often using the alias Lenore Rheine). Believing Americans were too prudish and uptight about nudity and sex, Heli had no issue supporting herself by taking off her clothes. While working the dance circuit, she met and befriended softcore actress Darlene Bennett and transitioned into films herself. After a few years working for the likes of Barry Mahon and Doris Wishman, Gigi gave up her film career after meeting her future husband, hypnotist Charles Lamont. The two toured the U.S. doing a popular show for years, eventually settling in Las Vegas and then Florida. After Charles died, Gigi worked as a real estate agent and an extra on films shot in Southern Florida.