Noé Murayama

Ciudad del Maíz, San Luis Potosí, Mexico


Noah Tudon Murayama was born July 4, 1930 in Ciudad Del Maiz, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Doctor's son from Japan Masaki Murayama and Maria Teresa Tudon. The third of eight children. He studied to be a dentist in Mexico City to please his father. He debuted at the university theater, then studied acting at the School of the ANDA. After working in three experimental works was his professional debut in the television series "Street Angels" in 1952. His film debut was in 1957. He worked in over 150 films, 30 plays and about 12 soaps. He is the father of actor Claudio Rojo. He died on August 22, 1997 Saint Elena Hospital in Mexico City from liver problems at age 67, leaving unfinished his role in the soap, "Esmeralda".