Sandra Mozarowsky

Tànger, Morocco


Born Alexandra Elena Mozarowsky Ruiz de Frías in Morocco, Sandra went on to become one of the foremost "Lolitas" of the co-produced Spanish genre and/or "exploitation" cinema of the late seventies. Around 4 a.m. on August 24, 1977, she fell from a fourth-floor balcony at her apartment in Madrid. After spending 21 days in coma, she died at 7 a.m. on September 14. There have been several theories about the reason of the fall: a suicide (which was denied by her family and friends) due to weight loss pressure and / or drugs, an accidental fall while she was watering the plants or a murder at the hands of the bodyguards of Juan Carlos de Borbón (then King of Spain), who after an affair, supposedly made her pregnant. At the time of her death, she was only 18 years old.