Soulmate Hingga Jannah

FiTA Studios

Comedy Romance
114 min     0     2017     Malaysia


Rokiah, A village girl who is messy (unfashionable) but full of spirit has been offered a job in a corporate company in the big city of Kuala Lumpur. Rokiah did not think she had to deal with such a condescending employer, Azmeer – a hot tempered man who calls himself “Mr. Perfect”. Behind Azmeer’s short tempered attitude, there’s a secret that Azmeer kept to his late wife Khalisa. Azmeer has promised Khalisa that he would never marry another woman after her death; and due to that promise, It has affected Azmeer to become hot tempered. However, Azmeer’s feelings towards Rokiah deepens as he slowly notices how Rokiah’s behavior resembles his late wife Khalisa. Azmeer tries to avoid falling for Rokiah, but the more he tries to avoid his feelings, the more his feelings towards her grew. The only dilemma in Azmeer’s love life is the promise he made to his late wife Khalisa which is his Soulmate until Jannah.