Chilakapacha Kapuram

135 min     0     1995    


The film begins with a dispute between two people, Parasuramaiah (Mukka Narasimha Rao) & Bullabbai (Charan Raj) who are brothers-in-law and important people in the village. Gopala Krishna (Jagapati Babu) runs a boat on the river (Godavari) adjoining the village, is liked by each and every person in the village, including Parasuramaiah & Bullabbai and he, tries to make both the families get together. Satyavathi (Soundarya), daughter of Parasuramaiah loves Gopala Krishna, but he treats her as a friend. Meanwhile, Bullabbai brings a beautiful girl Radha (Meena) from the city. Gopala Krishna likes her at first sight itself. Radha leads a cloistered life and does not meet anyone expect Gopala Krishna and both of them start loving each other.