A Visit from St. Nicholas

Film Mutual Benefit Corporation

Family Animation
18 min     0     1922     USA


This 1922 film adaptation marks the 100th anniversary of the author’s composition. It was first presented on December 16th 1922 by the Film Mutual Benefit Corporation, an organization for producing motion pictures for the benefit of charity. One-halg of the proceeds was turned over to the America Committee for Devastated France, Inc., and one-half to the Maternity Centre Association of New York. Authentic details of the costumes in the picture are said to have been furnished be the descendants of Dr, Moore living in New York. With the aid of old portraits John Woodford and Marie Olivette were able to appear as veracious reincarnations of Dr. and Mrs. Moore. This 94 year old obscurity, rescued from near oblivion, is supported by an inviting score of such musical miniatures as Pan & The Wood Goblins, Dance of the Icicles, and Entr’acte Gavotte from Minon. The new title cards are complimented by the illustration of the first publication of Moore’s timeless treasure.