Mother-in-law's temptation

South Korea

Romance Drama
Korean     0     2018     South Korea


Han-yong, who graduated from a prestigious university, was promoted to the youngest manager of a large corporation. However, at a drinking party with her old friend Moo-hyuk, Han-yong can't drink comfortably and notices. When Moo-hyuk asked the reason, he was struggling with her attitude of wanting to marry her girlfriend Ji-hye, who has been dating her for 6 years, but not showing her parents. That night, Han-yong received a promotion congratulations from Ji-hye and asked for a marriage ceremony with the words that she now wants to get married in a stable manner. she does And just looking at the approaching meeting, she falls in love with Yeon-ji, who has a different charm from Han-yong, who is embarrassed to meet her mother-in-law, Yeon-ji, who is her own age. will increase And one day on a business trip, when her drunk mother-in-law suddenly visits her, what will Han-yong do when the provocative dash of her mother-in-law?