The Rose's Story

Independent Moving Pictures Co. of America (IMP)

10 min     0     1911     USA


A lost film. Gerald Kinney is a man with plenty of money and wild excesses. one day he leaves his club and motors out into the country. In a pretty wooded dell he meets pretty Myrtle Edgar, a simple country maiden. She is a revelation to him, unlike any woman he has ever seen. Endeavoring to take liberties with her, he is repulsed, kindly but firmly. This is a new experience for him, seeing in her only the pure and holy. Roses grow in profusion in the pretty spot and she plucks one and fastens it on his lapel. The rose acts as a talisman. Whenever he is tempted to do wrong, he regards the flower. His friends rail at him and wish to learn his secret, but he guards it jealously.