Her Sister from Paris

Joseph M. Schenck Productions

70 min     5.8     1925     USA


Helen has a twin sister, who is a famous actress named "La Perry". Helen and her sister decide to trick Helen's husband to prove his love.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Normally it's Ronald Coleman who has to juggle two characters in his films - this time, though, it is the delightful Constance Talmadge who must play not only his wife, but also her own sister! Fret not, it's not so complicated as it might appear. They are married, and in bit of a rut. Tempers flare and he seeks counsel from his pretty hapless pal "Robert" (George K. Arthur) whilst she goes to meet her more famous dancer sibling at the railway station. On recounting her tale of woe, the sister "La Perry" concocts a cunning wheeze to ensnare the poor Colman in a trap to prove whom he really loves... The pace is great, it rarely stops for breath. As usual, their facial expressions - especially from Talmadge - and body language convey well what a thousand words could not. In the end, I almost felt sorry for "Joseph" as he is well and truly out of his depth... I think it odd that though fashion recycles itself frequently, these glorious designs from the 1920s which marry glamour and style so well have never really surfaced - pity, because the costumiers here have done a great job too. Two stars on good form here and I enjoyed it.