Silk Stocking Sal

Film Booking Offices of America (FBO)

50 min     0     1924     USA


Silk Stocking Sal is discovered burgling a palatial townhouse by its owner, Bob Cooper. Intrigued with her poise and daring, he offers to find her an honest job. She accepts his proposition and is hired by Cooper's importing firm to show antiques to prospective buyers. When Abner Bingham, Bob's partner, is found murdered after an argument with Bob, he is accused of the crime on circumstantial evidence and sentenced to die. To save Bob from the chair, Sal, who suspects Bull Reagen, a mobster, of the murder, goes to his apartment. She plants a microphone in the closet, gets Bull drunk, and, by accusing him of not having the killer instinct, taunts him into boasting of having killed Bingham. The conversation is overheard by the district attorney, who narrowly saves Bob from electrocution and then arrests Bull and his gang. Bob and Silk Stocking Sal are soon married.