The Bells

Chadwick Pictures Corporation

Drama Crime Horror
68 min     6     1926     USA


A kindly but desperate Alsatian innkeeper named Mathias murders and robs a rich Jewish merchant staying at his inn, but the ghost of his victim will not let him rest. Meanwhile, a mysterious Mesmerist has come to town, claiming he has made many criminals confess their crimes...


barrymost wrote:
"Hear the sledges with the bells, silver bells!" Plot in a nutshell: Mathias, a kindhearted Alsatian innkeeper, murders and robs a rich Polish merchant. The dead man's spirit will not let him rest, however, and Mathias is nearly driven insane with guilt...and the sound of sleigh bells. Comments: An interesting little relic from the Silent Era, this is an intriguing film. It's not high art, but it boasts a good, emotional performance from a young(ish) Lionel Barrymore; as a bonus, we also have an almost unrecognizable Boris Karloff, who really goes all out for the creepy effect. It's certainly not the greatest silent film I've seen, but it would be of interest to those who are into the period, or are fans of Barrymore or Karloff.