His Jazz Bride

Plunging into the whirl of a jazz-mad world, she all but wrecks her own happiness and his- and then suddenly a great tragedy arouses her to the realities of life.

71 min     0     1926     USA


Young lawyer Dick Gregory, is hard pressed to pay the bills of his wife, Gloria, and equally hard pressed to keep up with the frantic pace of her life. Edward Martindel, an attorney who represents a corporation against which Dick is litigating, attempts to bribe Dick with a substantial sum of money; Dick refuses, and Gloria develops a complaint against him on this account. After a particularly bitter argument, Gloria leaves Dick and joins some friends for a moonlight cruise. Alec Seymour, a friend of the Gregorys', tells Dick that the boat on which Gloria is sailing has not met safety standards, and Dick goes after her, saving her life when the boat sinks. Gloria repents of her wild and wicked ways, and she and Dick settle into calm domesticity.