Bulldog Drummond

Howard Productions

Action Thriller
90 min     6.313     1929     USA


Bulldog Drummond is a British WWI veteran who longs for some excitement after he returns to the humdrum existence of civilian life. He gets what he's looking for when a girl requests his help in freeing her uncle from a nursing home. She believes the home is just a front and that her uncle is really being held captive while the culprits try to extort his fortune from him.


CinemaSerf wrote:
A bored WWI veteran "Capt. Drummond" (Ronald Colman) is recruited by damsel in distress Joan Bennett ("Phyllis Benton") to try to help free her wealthy uncle from a care home, where she believes he is being held against his will whilst they try to extort money from him. The dapper, sophisticate is soon on the case as they try to extricate the old gent from the clutches of "Irma Peterson" (Lilyan Tashman) and her henchmen. This is the first talkie for Colman, and it does look like it - the dialogue is stilted, the performances precisely staged and the story of this, principled, determined, upper-class gentleman is nothing if not predictable. That said, though, it's got certain charm to it - and Tashman is quite good as the baddie, too. Probably my favourite of these "Bulldog" films that got the star an Oscar nomination.