Montana Moon


Comedy Drama
89 min     2.8     1930     USA


A wild-partying flapper marries a cowboy and tries to adjust to life on a western ranch.


ratchet41 wrote:
I"m a Huge Joan Crawford Fan, i know she's not the greatest human being or even a good mother in fact i think from what i know how she was going by stories and such she was an awful mother and did have some moments when she did do good things for her kids. though going by her background in having a horrible mother herself she just followed a pattern, anyways, as for the film this is easily i think the worst film she ever did. now i'm not against cowboy sing along films like the ones Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Made or Gene Autry i honestly haven't seen any of those but i'm sure there are some gems in there too, but this one is badly acted the music is even horrible, the writing is awful. Joan Crawford who in (1930) was new to talkies but she still could give a good performance such as in the same year she did a film called Paid that one is also bad but it's better written and has a better cast and it's also better acted too. even if the script for that one is a mess. i give this film a 0 but since they don't have that i gave it half a star. Trivia Note one of the actors in it later lent his voice as Jimmy Cricket for Disney. so anyone who wants to watch this make sure you drink as much beer or any alcohol you get your hands on cause you will enjoy it far better that way. Stay Away you were Warned!