The Cisco Kid

Meet The CISCO KID Gay Cavalier...chivalrous bandit...plaguing the rich...helping the poor...always enamoured...never in love.

60 min     5.9     1931     USA


The Cisco Kid rides again! This time, he robs a bank to save pretty widow Sally Benton and her ranch. After developing a good relationship with Sally’s children, he risks life and limb in order to save her little one.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Warner Baxter dons his silver-studded black shirt and tries on the mantle of this legendary gunslinger trying to stay one step ahead of "Sgt. Dunn" (Edmund Lowe). When the latter man almost hits his mark, the injured "Kid" is lucky to alight on the ranch of "Mrs. Benton" (Nora Lane) and her children before blood-loss forces him from his horse. He stays for a few weeks and in that time makes easy friends with the family. He also discovers that her late husband had a mortgage on their ranch and that unless she can repay the bank $5,000 then they are going to be homeless. Determined to help, he returns to town where he procures enough money but is followed back to the ranch by the tenacious soldier. Can he manage to settle her debts and escape without any more bloodshed? I think it's the mischievous looking Lowe who steals this, but both leads deliver quite well with this simple story along the lines of Robin Hood. It's quickly paced and the child actors - Douglas Haig and the engaging Marilyn Knowlden add a little extra value too as we arrive at a slightly unexpected denouement. Worth an hour, I'd say.