Girls! SEED is your story! is made up of the thoughts you think in secret - good and bad - and since your thoughts are YOU, so Seed is YOU! DOn't fail to see the picture that reaches right into your heart and soul!

96 min     0     1931     USA


Bart is a clerk for a publishing company; he has written a novel. His wife Peggy and he have five children. Bart's former girlfriend Mildred is manager of the company's Paris office. She manages to get the novel published and talks Bart into marrying her after he divorces Peggy. Initially successful, Bart must turn to writing trash to keep Mildred in money. When he sees how well his four sons and daughter Margaret have grown without his help, he asks Peggy to let them all come live with him and Mildred. Peggy agrees, but the arrival of his beloved children puts Mildred's future in jeopardy. Written by Ed Stephan