On the Loose

Hal Roach Studios

20 min     6.5     1931     USA


Two young women, Zasu and Thelma, complain that all of their dates take them to Coney Island. The next day a car goes by and they are splashed with mud. The driver stops and offers to buy them some new clothes. They accept the offer and later agree to go on a date.


talisencrw wrote:
This was quite an enjoyable aside that was included on my Laurel and Hardy boxed set, in which early in their career of being a comedic duo they paid a cameo on this, a short film in a comedic series that starred Thelma Todd and ZaSu Pitts. The young New York City women-about-town love being taken out on dates, yet simply wish their suitors had more imagination than simply to always take them to Coney Island. Then, even though a rich pair give them the expectation they'll finally get to go somewhere else, nothing could be further from the truth, and they're disappointed yet again. Later, Laurel and Hardy are the unfortunate next ones in line...