An explosion of laughter...with beautiful Jean Harlow as the female fire-cracker of filmdom!

Comedy Romance
96 min     6.551     1933     USA


A glamorous film star rebels against the studio, her pushy press agent and a family of hangers-on.


talisencrw wrote:
This was so much fun to watch, as Harlow tries to have her cake and eat it too, in having both the fine career, adopt a baby, and have true love, which she's trying to discover amongst four very different suitors. Twists abound, and I greatly admire how unchanged she seemed to be (at least in her performance here) from her real self. She was definitely one of the best in this period of coming off that way. I simply wish she had made many more films, and hadn't died at such a young age. I definitely look forward to seeing the other six films in the 100th Anniversary Collection I found this in, from Warner Archives.