Going Bye-Bye!

Hal Roach Studios

21 min     7.567     1934     USA


In a packed courtroom, Butch Long vows revenge on 'squealers' Laurel and Hardy whose evidence has helped to send him to prison. Frightened, the boys plan to leave town and advertise for someone to share expenses with them. The woman who answers the ad is actually Butch's girlfriend. Meanwhile Butch escapes and hides in a trunk in his girlfriend's apartment where he gets locked inside. Not realizing who it is, Stan and Ollie finally manage to get the trunk open and then Butch exacts his revenge.


talisencrw wrote:
This was pretty uproarious, as Laurel and Hardy have vengeance against them for sending a criminal up the river, then having the bad luck of bumping into his girlfriend on their way out of town. A fun short film from their peak period.