Twentieth Century

The Star of Stars in the Hit of Hits!

Comedy Romance
91 min     6.794     1934     USA


A temperamental Broadway producer trains an untutored actress, but when she becomes a star, she proves a match for him.


barrymost wrote:
You'd best hold on tight and don't let go because you're in for quite the ride on board the Twentieth Century. It's screwball comedy taken to the absolute max, and it barely lets up for a minute. It's one ridiculously memorable (or memorably ridiculous) scene after another, with just a couple highlights being Carole Lombard getting stabbed in the behind with a pincushion, and John Barrymore faking a fatal bullet wound in order to get her to sign another contract. John Barrymore is unbelievably and hopelessly hammy, and I mean that in a very good way. The film itself is so completely over the top, you will either love it wholeheartedly, or hate it with a passion. I do hope it's the former.