Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Rocking America with laughter!

Comedy Drama Romance
115 min     7.5     1936     USA


Longfellow Deeds lives in a small town, leading a small town kind of life. When a relative dies and leaves Deeds a fortune, Longfellow moves to the big city where he becomes an instant target for everyone. Deeds outwits them all until Babe Bennett comes along. When small-town boy meets big-city girl anything can, and does, happen.


barrymost wrote:
An unassuming poet from a small town called Mandrake Falls who suddenly inherits twenty million dollars is certainly fair game for every swindler, crooked businessman, and reporter in New York. Especially one very clever and witty newswoman named Babe Bennett, played by the great Jean Arthur. I must admit, I'm still rather indifferent towards Gary Cooper, but his performance in this wasn't bad, and I'm sure would please his fans. But Jean Arthur is consistently wonderful in every movie I've seen her in. The script is full of witty, intelligent dialogue, as well as the usual trademark Capra themes. The courtroom scenes in the last half of the movie are the best part. Far from my favorite Frank Capra film, but still enjoyable. Would I recommend? Yes, for the most part. Just didn't fully "click" with me personally, though.