Fire Over England

. . . A truly brilliant producer brings you a thrilling tale of love and danger that will live in your memory as long as there is romance in your heart !

War Drama Adventure
92 min     5.9     1937     United Kingdom


The film is a historical drama set during the reign of Elizabeth I (Flora Robson), focusing on the English defeat of the Spanish Armada, whence the title. In 1588, relations between Spain and England are at the breaking point. With the support of Queen Elizabeth I, British sea raiders such as Sir Francis Drake regularly capture Spanish merchantmen bringing gold from the New World.


CinemaSerf wrote:
If anyone ever doubted the kind of actor Laurence Olivier was going to become, then they need only watch this and it is as plain as can be. Here, his over-acting (and singing) in the role of Michael Ingleby rather badly dates this otherwise quite entertaining recounting of the build up to the Spanish Armada's attempt to invade Elizabethan England. Flora Robson always did carry off the role of a monarch well and Morton Selten (reputedly a child of Edward VII), Vivien Leigh and a slightly camp Leslie Banks serve well in support. Look out for early appearances by James Mason and Robert Newton.