The Man Who Could Work Miracles

A Modern Aladdin Who Could make Women Do Things!

Comedy Fantasy
82 min     5.786     1936     United Kingdom


An ordinary man, while vigorously asserting the impossibility of miracles, suddenly discovers that he can perform them.


CinemaSerf wrote:
So a couple of unseen angels (George Sanders & Torin Thatcher) are sitting up on a cloud discussing life, love and the pursuit happiness when they decide to endow one single man - "George" (Roland Young) - with limitless power, just to see how well he copes with it. Initially, he is terrified by his new-found abilities but demonstrates that he is grounded enough to not turn into the power-crazed megalomaniac that these new skills might have facilitated. His character must learn, quickly, to discriminate between those whom he might want to trust: the local minister "Maydig" (the excellent Ernest Thesiger) trying to convince him he has this power to do good; the bumptious "Winstanley" (Ralph Richardson) who thinks it ought to be used for King and Country and finally "Grigson" (Edward Chapman) who sees it as a way to buy the world. It is based an HG Wells story that challenges us all to think about what we might do with a similar style "midas touch" sort of gift. It demonstrates, in a light-hearted and jovial way the choices mankind faces, and what motivates these choices - making it still quite relevant today. There are also a couple of nice supporting efforts from George Zucco and Lady Tree, both in service, and for latter day "Miss Marple" fans, there is an early appearance from Joan Hickson. It entertains and makes you think - well worth a watch.