Thoroughbreds Don't Cry

Racing right into your heart

Comedy Drama
80 min     7     1937     USA


Cricket West is a hopeful actress with a plan and a pair of vocal chords that bring down the house. Along with her eccentric aunt, she plays host to the local jockeys, whose leader is the cocky but highly skilled Timmie Donovan. A young English gentleman comes to town convincing Donovan to ride his horse in a high stakes race.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Ronald Sinclair "Roger" and his aristocratic - but poor - grandfather "Sir Peter" (C. Aubrey Smith) travel to the United states with their horse "The Pookah" hoping to race it and reverse their declining fortunes. They decide to enlist the services of young jockey "Donovan" (Mickey Rooney) who is lodging with the feisty "Mother Ralph" (Sophie Tucker) and "Cricket" (Judy Garland). After a particularly rocky start, the two boys and the elderly gent look set to clean up... That's before they reckon on the jockey's crooked father, who pretends to be critically ill so his son, secretly, will throw the race allowing him to raise the money to buy an iron lung! Tragedy shortly ensues, followed by a crisis of conscience from Rooney that is solved only by the timely intervention of Garland, before quite an engaging, nicely spirited, conclusion. At times, the script is quite funny - it's certainly personable, and once we get into the groove it races along enjoyably. I was impressed by the young Sinclair - there is something honourable - and innocent - about his character which he portrays well; Rooney is game for this part - he has at it on his horse (real or otherwise) with gusto, and Garland adds a few charming moments, and songs, as the story evolves. Technically, it's a bit all over the place - stage horses poorly edited with real live action and there are too many, very obvious, back screen scenarios that make it all look really cheap on occasion; but all in all it is an agreeably amiable outing for the three young stars ably supported by a couple of charismatic veterans.