Mr. Wong, Detective

Thousands asked to see Collier's Magazine famous detective on the screen... here he is!

Crime Thriller Mystery
70 min     5.5     1938     USA


A chemical manufacturer is killed just after asking detective James Wong to help him. So Detective Wong decides to investigate this as well as two subsequent murders.


CinemaSerf wrote:
An almost comically heavily made-up Boris Karloff is all that stands between this mediocre murder-mystery and total obscurity. He portrays the super-sleuth "Mr. Wong" on the trail of a murderer who has killed at least three people. Our difficulty here is that the lighting and audio are so basic, that it is virtually impossible for us to follow the story at all, much less draw any conclusions of our own. We are essentially led - child-like - through this rather theatrical drama with no opportunity to participate. I guess the budget would her been minimal, and I'm glad I've seen it - but more for the sake of late 30s cinema than for anything memorable.