Q Planes


Comedy Mystery Thriller
82 min     5.6     1939     United Kingdom


An eccentric Scotland Yard inspector thinks something beamed from a spy ship is dropping planes.


CinemaSerf wrote:
When aircraft with secret gadgets aboard start disappearing all around the globe, "Maj. Hammond" (Ralph Richardson) reckons that there is something suspicious going on. His investigations - frequently interfered with by his aspiring journalist sister "Kay" (Valerie Hobson) - eventually, despite scepticism from the latest aircraft's manufacturers, manage to enrol budding pilot "McVane" (Laurence Olivier) into his cunning plan to identify and bring the perpetrators to book... As a story, it's all a bit far-fetched, but what gives it quite an edge is the really quirky - almost improv. style of delivery from Richardson. He doesn't exactly speak directly to camera, but much of his effort in this breezy espionage thriller appears more directly aimed at us (and his long-suffering butler "Blenkinsop" (Gus McNaughton)). That creates quite an enjoyable intimacy that, coupled, with quite a quickly paced series of scenarios and a better the average performance from the frequently too aloof Hobson to make for quite a fun 80-odd minutes. Even Olivier manages to shake off some of his traditionally rigid style on occasion, though it's never that far away, before an action packed denouement invoking a ray gun, a destroyer and... Ralph's umbrella! It's a hybrid of genres this, and at times is a bit of a mess - but I actually quite enjoyed it, and I'd give it a go.