The Son of Monte Cristo

Swords flash in the night! Romance rides with danger!

Action Adventure
102 min     6     1940     USA


Rightful owner of the kingdom, the Duchess of Zona, is engaged in a power struggle with the evil General Gurko. Edmond, the son of Monte Cristo, dons many disguises to come to the aid of the Duchess.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Louis Hayward is good fun in this sequel to "the Count of Monte Cristo" that nods it's head more than a little to "Zorro" and "Prisoner of Zenda". The fictional kingdom of Lichtenburg is ruled over by Grand Duchess Zona (Joan Bennett), but evil General "Gurko Lanen" (George Sanders) has designs on her, and her throne and so stitches up her loyal Prime Minister (Montagu Love) so he can marry the gal! In steps our hero, who determines to save the Princess - and her country - from this grisly tyrant. It's got plenty of secret passages, evil scheming and swash and buckle; Sanders and Bennett - along with Florence Bates in the Una O'Connor role - all have a good time too, and it is contagious. Sure, it's predictable but Rowland Lee has done a decent job keeping the action flowing; the dialogue is sparing (which is always a blessing) and the score from Edward Ward all contributes to en enjoyable action adventure.