So's Your Aunt Emma!

Every day is April Fool's Day when the guys and dolls of gangland mistake Aunt Emma for a gun moll from Missouri!

Comedy Crime
62 min     6.4     1942     USA


A dizzy old spinster gets involved in the boxing racket and gangland murders.


CinemaSerf wrote:
What makes this daft little crime thriller so much fun, is the underlying premiss that even the nastiest of criminal types will still defer to a determined, feisty old lady - even if they would otherwise happily pull out the teeth of their enemies with a blunt screwdriver! Zasu Pitts is just such an old spinster, who becomes ensnared with a gang who are rigging boxing matches before unexpectedly (and really completely implausibly) being implicated with the deadly murderess "Ma Parker"! It's a lovely, simple little yarn - peppered with some wonderfully Mary Poppins-esque language; never a cuss word crosses her lips; and her ability to get squiffy by just holding the glass adds a gentle, friendly, class to this simple story. There are others in the cast, but they don't - nor do they really try to - shine a candle to our "Aunt Emma".